The Friends of  Fort Malden

The Friends of Fort Malden is a non-profit organization that works in partnership with Parks Canada to preserve and promote the heritage of Fort Malden Historical Site and the value of local history. Through special events, the Friends of Fort Malden generate awareness and funding to support summer student employment at Fort Malden as well as other local historic programs.

Fort Malden, formally known as Fort Amherstburg, is a defense fortification located in Amherstburg, Ontario. It was built in 1795 by Britain in order to ensure the security of British North America against any potential threat of American Invasion. Throughout its history, it is most known for its military application during the War of 1812 as Sir Isaac Brock and Tecumseh met here to plan the Siege of Detroit. The Fort also had an important role in securing Upper Canada's border with Detroit during the Upper Canada Rebellion. However, Fort Malden also has rich and diverse history aside from its military applications. For example, it was the setting for the British Pensioner Scheme and would later become an Ontario Provincial Asylum in 1859. After the Asylum was closed, Fort Malden was surveyed and privatized until the mid-nineteenth century. The Historic Designation of the Fort came after several decades of local residents advocating for the preservation of the Fort to the federal government. Officially recognized in 1921, the complex of Fort Malden as it is seen today was brought together in 1946 with the purchase of the Hough House. Today, the Fort remains open and accessible to the public under the supervision of Parks Canada. Visitors are able to see for themselves a wide array of Fort Malden's history as all of the buildings on the complex represent different time periods within that history. For example, an 1819 Brick Barrack restored in the style of one in 1839 is found directly across from the Hough House that represents the Fort's history as an Asylum, a Lumber Mill, and a private residence

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